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Unified Communications Through Cabling
Structured cabling has rapidly evolved to include the integration of unified communications across a common platform. Today, companies that wisely invest in ITS infrastructure design-build can realize significantly improved productivity and reliability into the future. For more than a quarter of a century, businesses across all sectors have trusted Telecom Infrastructure to be their experts and advisors for the proper design-build of major IT communication projects. Telecom Infrastructure has a proven record of providing excellence in customer service and communication integration, and staying on the cutting edge of technology innovations.

Cabling hardware represents

Investment Telecom
Did you know … cabling hardware represents just 2–3% of the overall IT budget? When performed correctly, the investment in communication signaling has a proven return on investment that outlasts computer hardware and software by 10 years on average. When Telecom consults on proposed projects, our in-depth analysis and cost-effective recommendations are unequaled. This superior level of assurance, follow-through and implementation is why so many of our clients have been with us for decades, and why our work for them extends across the country. In a world of complex ITS uncertainty, Telecom Infrastructure stands with confidence.
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